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Friday, March 4, 2011

Music is going to be the "deaf" of me

And probably sooner than later... You see when I work out at the gym, which is everyday except Sunday I listen to music on my ipod. Very loud music and it keeps me going. Really, it does, it's not my will power or my desire to be fit. I am convinced that I can not, I repeat can not work out without music and as I said, it must be loud. I have the "exercise playlist" down to a science. I have the most upbeat and make ya' wanna move songs just where they need to be. When I feel like I can't go any further, Usher's DJ's got us fallin in love again comes on followed by More. When muscle failure rears it's ugly head again, P!nk comes on with Perfect followed by Dynamite. Here's the thing. I don't want to stop. I actually love working out now. I always feel better when I leave the gym than I did before I got there. Today I was feeling a little, ummm grumpy or a better word might be aggressive. When we left the gym I felt satisfied, accomplished, sweaty, happy and I just knew I was leaving 5 pounds lighter than when I arrived.

I also love the fact that Ryan and I have grown closer over the past few weeks of dieting and exercising together. We have finally found something that we both like and we can do together. Sure in our 20's we had plenty to do together. Hanging out with friends, going to concerts, driving VW buses and sneaking into Bob Dylan shows but then came the best part of life, our kids. Then all the real joys and sweetness of life followed. One look at our sweet baby boy changed everything and I am so thankful. My kids really are the miracle that made my life complete. Without the love that I have for my children and the tremendous love they have given me, I would not know the true meaning of my life. I wouldn't have been capable of accepting and understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to be the mother of my two beautiful children. Thankful that I get to have kisses and hugs everyday and laugh at the silly things that my three year old little girl says to me. Things like "my dad has parents!!!" and telling our dinner guest that she has "plenty of money in her piggy bank" Yesterday My six year old little boy had his first T-ball practice and today I got to see my sweet John climb a 20 foot rock wall. He had a harness, a rope and a safety person at the bottom. He struggled, he fell away but he tried again and made it to the top! It was hard for me to watch but exciting to see him keep trying. This was his fourth attempt and he finally made it and we were there watching his every move and cheering him on. I am truly thankful that he has grown into a person that will push himself to keep going when things get hard. I feel a Gospel lesson coming on! I can't wait to tie this experience to Lehi's vision of the Iron Rod.


  1. thanks for making me cry sweet tears! i love how you put your heart down on paper.

  2. Oh yeah...some music was soooo created just to inspire us to keep going during a workout!