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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

100 things...ok not really just 6 or 7

1. Diet and exercise is not as bad as I once thought it was...It's almost kinda good...Did I really just say that??? It would be even better if weight loss was immediate and my size 12 jeans were too big for me. The reality is I have lost 4 pounds, my jeans still fit and my bra is a little loose.

2. I haven't had a Dr. Pepper in 12 days

3. This is embarrassing and I don't know why I feel the need to share this. Guess I just need to confess to feel better or maybe it's my OCD and I can't stop myself. Our dryer is broken and my son went to school without underwear for the second time in his life. I felt so bad and I worried all day that he wouldn't get his zipper up or the back of his pants would split and he would be the laughing stock of the school and be made fun of until he graduated High School. Then his sweet teacher Mrs. Fletcher would call me and tell me I was the worst mother in the world for sending my kid to school without underwear on. I have also been terribly worried that John would never forgive me if something like that happened so I have decided to go buy two new packages of underwear for him and go pick up my clean laundry from my mother -in-law's house.

4. This diet and exercise thing really got me down for a while and not for the first time I realized that when I'm down I wanna shop and I don't mean just go to the stores and look around. I want to buy. I have it figured out though. It's the instant gratification thing. I just need something to make me feel good because food and soda aren't options anymore. Good thing I have a supportive husband, wonderful friends, two beautiful kids that make me smile and laugh, some self-control and almost no budget for shopping or I could easily turn into a major shopaholic.

5. I hate quilting. Wait, hate is not a strong enough word for the way I feel about quilting. Even looking at the quilt puts me in a bad mood. I have so many mistakes on it and the thought of trying to fix them only means more to screw up, thus more time quilting. When I was a kid I always cringed when people asked a group to share their talents because I didn't have one to share. Talent show season was the worst. I wonder if I will ever discover a talent that I posses. That last sentence gave me an "ah ha" moment. Sewing is not a talent right away, it becomes a talent after a lot of practice and hard work. So I guess if I want a true talent, I will have to practice and work hard first. Dang.

6. Remember the warning I gave you when I started the blog? Read at your own risk? Well today is that day. I would love to end this post in a positive note but I can't think of anything else to say. I'm grumpy and as I write this my kids are being exposed to the cold virus through some kiddos that I'm babysitting. Anyone who knows me knows that I am more than just a little germaphobic. There was no warning either like, hey my kids have a runny nose but I don't think they are sick, can they still come over? It was just like here they are, give them some of this if they get worse. We haven't had the cold or flu all season and I was quite happy about it. In fact, I felt like we had won a battle, a major battle - we went one winter without a cold or flu. Hallelujah! Who knows, maybe the snot running down their faces is allergy related and they will feel better soon and my kids won't get sick. Yes, I know this post makes me seem a little uncaring, self absorbed and rude. I wish I could change the way I feel. Here's something positive. It's most likely just a cold and if we get it we will get over it and things will be just fine!

7. After reading through this I have realized that what I am missing is prayer. If I want to rise above these negative feelings I need to pray for myself. That's a hard thing for me to do. I love to pray for others but to ask Heavenly Father for blessings and help for me is hard. I know that through prayer I will be a better mother and wife and a better servant of Christ and I am thankful for the power of prayer and the scriptures that we have to guide and teach us.


  1. The story about the underwear is hilarious! By the way we do have an old dryer just sitting in our garage going unused. You are more than welcome to take it! Congrats on the weight loss! I'm very impressed that you haven't had a DP in 12 days. Coke is one of those things that is hard to cut out, but makes a huge difference. Keep it up! I'm praying for you!

  2. Tell you what...You pray for me. I'll pray for you. That way we're both covered. By the way...From the sounds of the above post you musta said a pretty good pray that was heard. Congrats on the new dryer. :) You deserve it.

  3. Do you know what your talent is? Having the courage to change. Many people admire you for it.

  4. Thanks! I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who know how to pick a girl up when she's down. Love you guys! Alicai, thanks for the offer on the dryer! Ryan hasn't had time to work on ours yet but if he can't get it fixed, I would love to have it.