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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The other calendar

The other calendar is a gift I got for my Birthday from a girl who knows me almost as well as I know myself. It hangs on the back of my closet door which most of the time stays open. First I will say Ryan really doesn't mind this. I'm telling you the truth! Ryan gave me a huge Edwards poster in my Christmas stocking that hangs on the back of our bedroom door. He makes fun of my Twilight obsession any chance that he gets. We both know how silly, stupid and juvenile this whole thing is. That being said, it's fun to talk, read, watch anything Twilight with friends and it gives us something to do other than eat, sew, talk about our kids and guzzle Dr. Pepper when we get together. Yes, there is a double standard. I wouldn't like for him to have a picture of some 20 year old actress hanging on his side of the closet but I'm pretty sure that I could let it slide if that's what he chose to do. After all, next month we will be married for 15 years and we are for the most part happy. Honestly, if it made him uncomfortable or jealous, I promise I would know and I
would take it down.

You know you're obsessed with Twilight when: 1.You have to stop yourself from reading the series again. 2. You have a playlist for each book 3. The characters in the movie will never live up to the ones in your head 4. You have memorized your favorite quotes from the books. 5.You have posters in your room and you're over 30 and last but not least, you're friends paint your van with a Twilight reference for your Birthday. I'm not gonna lie, it was fun! The picture you can't see is from the back of the van, it says HONK it's her Birthday! We got honked at all day and one time on the highway while Ryan was changing lanes and he thought we were crashing and dying. I laughed so hard that he made me drive for the rest of the day. The other funny thing is I got honked at even in my driveway. People would literally drive by and honk.

The rest of the day was pretty awesome too! Lunch and snow tubing with family, dinner at Grandma Patsy's and shopping at the Stockyard Mercantile with a cousin that I don't even deserve to be friends with now because I was so mean to her when we were kids. So thank you Emily for being my friend!


  1. Okay, that totally cracks me up! & I forgot we're both at 15 years... what month were you guys married? We were March, 1996!

  2. Hi! Congrats on 15 years! Our anniversary is February 10th.

  3. You Kristen are so sweet!!!!!!!!! I don't think You need to worry about Emily She loves you now and back then!! It's just FAMILY!! They LOVE YOU no matter what. Pam